Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working in the Rain

So how many of you are willing to stand in the rain and work with your horses? I am not talking a little mist.. I am talking real rain, where you get cold and wet?

Do you think your kids would love to be with a horse this much?

Um.. warm fire and hot chocolate or rain and horses?? Even Shaman thinks he'd rather be cozy. (But I think it's good for a horse to learn sometimes he has to work in the rain!)
So, not to expect too much from Shaman, we got Black Elk out.. he's less concerned about discomfort.

Polly's working on having him listen to her by dropping his head.
 In case you think Polly would rather be somewhere else.. it was totally her in the rain or come back tomorrow.. this is what she wanted to do!

As usual, we had a blast!