Monday, June 28, 2010

Ranger and Ina - Lesson Eight

 Unlike many school horses the boys are so happy to interact!

They think people are very intersting and it's nice to get a good scratch!

Ranger is a firey Spanish Mustang who is very, very light and responsive - often too responsive. Ina is centered and quiet and brand new to working with horses. She has made great progress learning the 7 games and communicating with Ranger, who is not an easy horse, and not what most would consider a beginner's horse. He is very often on HIGH ALERT.

Time is always taken for the friendly game and Ranger is asked to turn and lower his head. This has been hard for him, but now it is beginning to come rather easily and even without asking.

Ranger used to play the circling game inverted and high headed. Now he has learned that he can stretch and relax. Once he got this concept he is offering it readily. He was one of those horses who I wondered if he'd ever get it!

This posture is so good for the horse both physically and mentally.

Rascal says oh so boring... I know all this stuff!

I think I'll lead him around and tell him what to do.. I've been waiting fort this!