Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dreaming of a mustang of my own some day.

All my life I dreamed of owning a mustang, growing up in Princeton, NJ made that seem pretty unlikey, so I rode Throughbreds and retired Starndardbreds, jumpers and hunters. I exercised polo ponies and was given seasoned Pony Club horses. I specialized in rehabilitating the hurt and the emotionally damaged, and then one day, in Puyallup, I met a mustang. There were Warmbloods and Andulusians, Quarter Horses and Rocky Mountain Horses, but it was a Mustang stallion who seemed to put them all to shame. His name was 'My Tiger Kiger' owned by Kim Kellog. He did not act like any stallion I ever knew, he was so personable, friendly and kind. It appeared that Kim could do anything with him! He seemed to be emotinally healthy and he was beautiful and perfectly conformed.
Soon my husband and I were making pilgrimages down to the corrals in Burns Oregon, where we would spend days dreaming of the day we would adopt our own horses.