Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rascal's Nose

This is Rascal's nose. He's a mustang from the Paisley Desert in Eastern Oregon. This nose is always getting him in trouble! He can open gates with it, untie knots, pull boards off of the barn; you would not believe the trouble one horse can get into! He is 8 now, and we adopted him at 18 months. He talks to me. No, really, he sort of moans and hums as well as nickers, whinnies, and calling. When we work on our dressage he hums. I think he learned it from me, I used to sing to him, because he was young and green and I was 'mature' and a bit scared. So I sang. Now he sings to me! He also nickers when I get on or off! I love this guy, he has personality plus!

When we brought him home from the corrals in Burns, he was scared to get off the trailer, his buddy Ranger kept pushing him..'you do it Mikey!' he seemed to be saying. Finally Ranger pushed him enough that his front feet were on the ground and his back feet in the trailer-and then he jumped backwards! Right back into the trailer. Those two were named before they ever stood in their own corral.