Monday, February 25, 2013

Study Horsemanship and stay on the Farm

Travel and Learn about Horses on Orcas Island. Come stay in our yurt  and re-connect with yourself and your loved ones, take some natural horsemanship lessons with our mustangs. "After a 2 hour lesson.. I felt like I had been meditating for a week!" Dawn T.  Watch the birdlife in the meadow and adjacent waterfowl refuge. Frogs will sing you to sleep, mustangs will entertain you, the farm is quiet and peaceful, our guests say it's paradise!

Students range from 5 to 65. They come to learn about  Connecting with Horses and Natural Horsemanship.  This is a great learning experience for those new to horses, those with fear issues, and if you are planning to get a horse. Come spend a  week or so, learning about horses, ground skills, liberty work, how to connect naturally.  Learn to ride, once you are confident on the ground. Our mustangs are personable and friendly, responsive, respectful and well trained.

 You can snuggle down under a down comforter in our Queen Sized bed and truely rest.

There is a table and chairs and candlelight for dining. A woodstove to take the chill off, a fire pit for outdoor cooking and a hamock to hang out in...

Bottled water and a one burner propane stove for heating up some tea or a small meal. A warm shower can be found at the Deer Harbor Marina about 1.5 miles away. You can also launch a kayak or rent a kayak there, or go whale watching. (See my blog about Deer Harbor)

Soft light will glow inside the yurt and you can see the leaves gently moving in the breeze.

Love Bird Watching? This is a birder's paradise! Heron Rookery, all types of water birds, gold finches, eagles, hawks and lots of owls..can be seen on the farm.

Formerly wild mustangs can be watched while playing and eating in the nearby meadows.

This very affordable get away is $65/night.     Email me at

See our website:                 360-376-4642 

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